Yes it is true; the years of using Windows XP is coming to an end. Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will go out of support on April 8, 2014.  What does this mean to the PC world?  At MSC we have found that the closing of XP will impact small businesses and mostly residential.  Our experience with XP this year, has shown us that once you restore back to factory and you do not have SP1 installed there is no way you can find updates to bring you to the point that will allow you to install SP1.  Therefore without saying the program has been discontinued Microsoft just doesn’t let the older needed updates to be available which forces you to up load Windows 7.  Of course this is the normal evolution with computer software.  Windows 98 was a welcome relief from the Millennium software.  But in time windows 98 had to go.  The same as with Windows XP it is time and with Windows 7 it is a good thing.

Why we must say good bye:

Here are 5 good reasons you should move from XP.  The complaints we hear at MSC are mostly from people who are accustomed as well as dependent on the familiar operation style.  Older people we find do not want to move into a new operating system simply because it is too hard to relearn and it takes time to rethink a new process. What people do not know is the internet is expanding faster than our software operating system can keep up.  Although XP worked beautifully with what we need the system is limited with memory upgrades and graphics that meet today’s demand.  Therefore Windows 7 was created to jump us into the a new level a sort of a Super XP.  With windows 7 you will be able to function with the new HTML5 that is coming and be able to up grade to a higher memory (RAM) demand like 4 GB or more. Windows XP is and will become obsolete and will be put on side the same as with Windows 98 and the rest of them.

1. User Account Control

The UAC was new in the beginning and a horrible addition to VISTA operating system. It contained too many warning and protected the user far beyond what the user needed. Vista’s UAC did not allow you  go anywhere without the program dominating your every move.  Windows 7 developers identified the error and improved User Account Control and made the program more compatible. Thus, allowing the user to customize their account if the desired eliminating warnings to fit their computer needs.

The good thing about the UAC evolution is that it added more security to your computer stopping anyone who used your computer to act as an administrator and changing or downloading harmful programs.  However I must caution that turning off this feature leaves you in immediate danger of someone downloading the most harmful viruses and destroying programs.

2. More exciting applications. All programs are now being written for the Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 platforms. Making these changes started years ago, and will continues to this day. If you want that new high graphic 3-D game or out of this world  utility programs, the problems are it won’t work with XP. The good thing is Windows 7 will give you access to all the new technology that is to come allowing you to experience unbelievable graphics and smooth computer operation..

3. 64-bit computing. Trying to explain bit technology can be difficult with the limited space on this blog, however, I can assure you that 64 bit operating systems are the way of the future. XP saw the capabilities and developed 64 XP systems but did not have the demand for high graphics that we have now and the system went away yielding to Windows 7. Our newer 64-bit computers today are operating leaps and bound over the older 32-bit counter parts. Software production is gearing up to take advantage of 64-bit flexibility and dynamics. If you do not have 64 bit you need to move to it in the near future.  32 bit systems will be extinct soon.

The good thing about computer evolution is things are getting better and we as users are constantly seeing new things.  The biggest problem I found with customers moving into the Windows system is the customer doesn’t want the change.  As humans I guess we are creatures of habit and love the comfort of not having challenges.  MSC has established the reputation of the people who know and care about our customers.  That’s why we add on to our new purchases a 6 month free tech support on all new computer sales.  Just so we can be there when you have a “I don’t know what to do moment” while using Windows 7.


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