We have found in the repair business that factory DVD players will suddenly not work.  If you encounter this problem, most people just use stick drives and stream movies instead of using a disc.  Downloading from the internet is another popular way too.  However, did you know that majority of the sudden malfunction DVD players can be fixed very easily?  Most computer companies do not want you to know this simply so they can charge you a high price and have an easy fix. Here at we encourage our friends to be independent and try our solutions first. 

Ready to get started?  Here is what you do:

1. First know what operating system you are using. 

a.  Click start->right click, computer->click on properties at the bottom.

b.  Now read the contents of that page and you see your operating system name.

2.  Go to the fix it center created by Microsoft

                a.  Click on DVD Repair

                b. Select “Run” and click on “allow” when prompted.

                c. There will be a series of questions answer to the best of your knowledge. 

                d. Have a DVD ready to use when the program wants you to insert.

After the end of the program you should be ready to use your DVD player.  If that doesn’t work here are a few other things you can do before you pronounce your DVD dead.

3. The Microsoft Fit it program did not work!

                a. Click start->right click, computer->click on properties at the bottom.

                b. Look to the left and select Device manager

                c. You will see a page with a long listing of what devices that are on your computer.

                d. Find your DVD device and double click on it.

                e. A window will open then look for the tab drivers click on that.

                f. You will see at the bottom a tab that will read Driver Update click on that and follow the wizard.

If none of these steps work then we can say your DVD is dead and replacement is encouraged or find an external DVD player.  Sometimes an external DVD player can be the best thing for you in that you can get a wide range of player options and you can use an external drive on any computer at any time. 

If you decide you need the DVD replace and need help MSC is available to come to your rescue. Just go to and contact us.


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